"Pulling all components of my life and goal-setting into one place made a
MAJOR difference in my focus and accountability.

The Design Book
is a Planner, a Date Book, a goal-setting journal, daily to-do lists and tracking tool --- All in one! It includes a 12 month-at-a-glance Current Year Long Calendar, and 90 days of daily pages for you to DESIGN your DAY! Each daily entry contains a 2 page spread with sections for *6 most important things to do list, *To Call, * To Write, *Delegate, * Errands, *Accountability Sections for wake/sleep/food/exercise logs and more! It also has a 3-month fill-in-the-date calendar to use for tracking a 90-day goal or as your only appointment book. Although daily tasks are easily recorded and tracked, the Design Book is much more! It also houses your Vision and Mission Statements, Goal Setting, Delegation, and Project Planning details, which is what separates this TOOL from all others. At the end of each week, there are repeated instructions to go back and LOOK AT YOUR GOALS, look at your activity, evaluate what went right, what went wrong, and REDESIGN THE NEXT WEEK to get back on track! Effective for ANYONE who values personal growth-- accomplishing and being more!

What people are saying about The Designing My Life Book!

Pam's 'testimony'
As I was goal-setting to achieve my current position in Mary Kay, I realized that I was working from many tools - A date book, a Goal-Setting journal, spiral notebook[s] and misc. lists and folders. The first clue that I might have been compromising results was when I had to 'SEARCH' for my Goal Book! Where was it? What were they? Had I accomplished any of them? [ha!] I became aware that I had not re-visited these prayerfully set goals since the NEW YEAR'S Eve I had written them, and following that realization came another alarming thought, "…and I am one of the best I know at setting and accomplishing goals." Having previously worked from Franklin, Levenger, DayTimer and other popular planner systems, this acknowledgment motivated me to customize a PLANNER that would allow me to combine in ONE place each component of effective goal-setting, planning and organization. I worked from a mock up for over two years, continually improving its design. As I completed the requirements for National Sales Director with Mary Kay Inc., I also published the Planner, determined to share with others the same insights, clarity and confidence I gained by using it faithfully, using it effectively.

Each Design Book holds 90 work days, the time cycle you need to create momentum! After 90 days, start over in a fresh book! You will love its simplicity and practical design.
The cost is $24 per book and includes a Bookmark and one pack of 'stickynotes'

"Time invested in one area is time away from another".

A challenging and inspirational message for anyone in or out of Mary Kay. This one-hour training centers around living "ON- PURPOSE"! It invites you to Design YOUR Life and to honestly consider how you invest/squander your time. You really can 'have it all' and without guilt, but you must prioritize, plan, and take action! "You've got to know your values before you can live them", says Pam. This audio invites you to evaluate the thoughts and actions that have created the life you live and to RE-DESIGN yours if you are not living your dreams!
CDs are $6 each.

A day-at-a-glance on one note! Design your day in 1/2 hour segments as you create the habit of being more disciplined with your time. You will receive one pack free of charge with your Design Book. And now you can order as many packs of Sticky Notes as you like!

Each pack has 50 sheets and you can order
2 packs for

Pam has often said that 'Top Directors think differently from other directors', and this Focus Folder guides your thinking process into actual activity tracking!

You'll be excited to see that you can have a successful impact on increasing your unit size, wholesale production, and multiplication of leaders moving up as you focus in on what really matters. Never again leave that DREAM BELIEVER bonus money ($1500 quarterly /$6000 annually) on the table!!! FOCUS in on the people and Areas that make the biggest impact- Stars, Key People, # Interviews-Guests, and more! Eliminate papers and notebooks and CREATE a wining FOCUS! *Great as an education tool for DIQ's who are tracking Team Growth and considering the commission increase!

What directors are saying about The Focus Folders!

Sold in packs of ten for $10, they are designed to be used monthly.

Dump all the papers! FOCUS in on the activities that will earn you $$cash$$ and move you up the Career Ladder! Consultants will benefit from the Prospective Hostess and Team Member charts, the Year-Long Seminar Victories in the Courts of Sales, Recruiting, and STAR tracking! Instead of fatigue from 'thinking' about your business, work Income Producing Activities that bring results! This FOLDER reveals the real deal-- # faces/ # Basics/ $ Sales and more--FOCUS! It not only TRACKS activity, it EDUCATES!
Sold in packs of ten for $10,
they are designed to use ONE new each month, and a NEW one as each QUARTER begins. For a change, a Focus Folder with a Great Focus!