Pam left her home state of Kentucky upon graduation from U.K. and moved to Florida to pursue a career in education where she taught high school English and Dance in Broward County. Although incredibly hard-working, putting in 80-90 hour weeks between her academic load plus Drill Team, Dance Team, cheerleaders and musical choreography, she became uncharacteristically lacking in focus on life goals or direction. Just day-to-day HARD work with the goal of “Where’s the next fun thing we can do?”. Luckily, this phase was short lived but proved constructive. Primed for a change, when Pam’s room mate ‘randomly’ started a Mary Kay business after attending a party, Pam attended a quarterly awards celebration evening to see Libby receive recognition for being a STAR Consultant; within 24 hours afterwards she got her own MK Starter kit and the journey began! Not a blazing success trail by any means, but once her teaching salary ended with summer, she held her first party. With little education to know what she was doing, there was great fear standing in front of 5 adult women. “I was used to teenagers. I could teach Beowulf, To Kill A Mockingbird, Research Paper process, but… ‘take your make up off’ was frightening to me.” However on the drive home, she mentally tallied the $400 party and decided this would be a great moonlighting job for her! Fast forward…. Within the next school year, Pam informed the Administration she would be leaving and in January of her 5th year teaching, she went On Target for her first Career Car, earned it in March; went into DIQ April 1, debuted as a Director in June and attended her first Seminar from the Sales Director suit!.

Shortly afterwards as a new Director, Pam met her late husband Jerry at a triathlon. Within three years they were married, and as a marketing degree graduate, Jerry supported the technical and financial aspects of her business, and shortly after their marriage in November, Pamela earned the first of repeat TOP DIRECTOR trips where they vacationed in London and Dublin as newlyweds. Pam has experienced this career as a single woman, dating, engaged, newly married, pregnant, nursing, care-giving to Jerry with ALS, as a widow, single parent to now 18 year old Thomas. “The support of my Mary Kay family during Jerry’s illness, death and the after-grief was without words to describe. Never have I been so grateful for the connection of THE most incredibly caring, giving, generous Company and the people who make it up.” I had the time and support to grieve, take care of myself, my family, and still enjoy the security of a thriving career.

Transitioning from a career in academics to a career where she now lives and works from her sweet spot of teaching and speaking, motivating and encouraging, mentoring and coaching other leaders has brought Pam a “clarity of knowing God’s will and direction in a world marked by confusion and uncertainty.” She now describes her life as happy, grounded, directed and blessed.

Pamela Shaw looked no further than her own roots to find the perfect role model—her Mother. As a homemaker and teacher, Pam’s mother instilled in her the value of time management. Her first look at a weekly plan sheet came when her Mom coached Pam to map out a schedule of her daily activities from Sunday to Saturday. This was also to include her chores at home, her job, school hours, activities and social life. This system served the Waldrop’s well, and her Mother’s accomplishments proved it. In addition to a 32 year career as home economics teacher, she wrote curriculum for the university, sponsored student teachers; additionally she volunteered in the community and church yet still managed to prepare three square meals a day—all home made! Talk about a master time-manager!

The KEYS to Her Success

Pam attributes her accomplishments to the repeated value of making conscious ‘best over good’ choices. Aside from the obvious of God’s blessing, a one-of-a-kind marketing plan and exceptional product, the habit of sincerely desiring to stay in God’s will coupled with an innate love for people has placed her on a path to spiritual and financial reward. What does it take to mentor and develop 500 Unit Independent Beauty Consultants, over 65 Independent Sales Directors in their MK family that includes two offspring National Areas and still have room for family, community and self? Pam suggests that juggling so many responsibilities requires planning out the day by task and the amount of time it will take (weekly plan sheet and 6 most important ‘to do’), being prepared and knowing exactly what you need to do when you have a spare moment (Design Tools). “You have to have the courage and forethought to decide what you want and need to accomplish, then the discipline to eliminate other distractions to carry out a plan,” she explains. “Many people lose out by not planning. Without planning ahead, they miss the opportunity while still trying to get organized. We’re always making choices,” she concludes, “and the choices we make bring us results—rewards or consequences—because success accumulates! Like many, Plan A can become Plan Z on any given day, but you can’t live a perfect day until you define what that looks like!”

Since becoming an Independent National Sales Director in August 2000, her role as coach and mentor has shifted from working with primarily Beauty Consultants to mostly coaching leaders who multiply leaders. “It’s a whole new ball game!” Pam admits to working hard and playing hard. “I’ve always appreciated the flexibility of working hard to have time off for Thomas’s little league as a kid, track as a teenager, time with Jerry during our marriage- a date night or a family outing, time for travel or back yard cookouts around the pool. Now that Thomas is a High School Senior and my parents have hit age 80, I’m still designing my life for this SEASON of life. It’s a great gift to have genuine and real flexibility.”

What’s next for this grounded dynamo who seems to have negotiated the road to having it all? “Of course our focus is now on developing 50 Unaffiliated Sales Directors and 3 more offspring NSD’s for our 50th Anniversary CELEBRATION with benchmark goals for Stage Winners, Cars, Cadillacs, Unit Clubs, and Circles of Excellence!” With this track record for growth and success, who would doubt that the SHAWTIME family will do just that!

Unit-Area Productivity Prize Earnings


• Opened the door to Mary Kay April 30,  1986

• Became an Ind. Sales Director July 1, 1987

• Unit Clubs from year 1 as a Sales Director-- $250,000 1988,89,

  $350,000 1990, $500,000 1991

  $800,000 1992

  $1,000,000 + 1993 to present with the highest $1,350,000

   in 1996

• Top 10 Nationwide from 1993-2000 when she debuted as

   an NSD

• #1 Florida Unit 1992, 1993, 1994

• Most Improved Florida 1993

• #1 Kentucky Unit 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

• Twice, #1 UNIT at Seminar – Diamond 1996;  Pearl 1997

• August 2000- appointed as NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR

• Inner Circle 3 Years

• Diamond Circle 8 years

• Highest earnings $6 Million – recognized at Seminar 2012

• Over 60 Sales Directors in her NATIONAL SHAW FAMILY

• Over 16 Cadillac Leaders

• Two Offspring NSD’s as of 2012

Highest earnings $6 Million

• Has driven 16 ‘free’ Mary Kay cars with 14 of  them

  Pink Cadillac’s

• Five 4.5 karat Diamond Rings

• 2 Mink Coats

• 6 Diamond Bar Pinks

• Movado watches for herself, Jerry

• Countless misc. prizes—diamond jewelry, cash bonuses

• NSD Bracelet valued at over $25k

• Highest Total Earnings   for one month $64,000

  June 2005


Special Recognition/Awards

 • 1994 Annual MISS GO GIVE for Diamond Seminar

 • Mentoring and teaching INTERNATIONAL NSD’s 2

   different years with training translated into 6 languages

 • Advisory Boards—Inner Circle and Peer Nominated

   NSD (current 2012-13)


These are all expense annual vacations—



• 1992 London, England; Dublin, Ireland

• 1993 A 7-day Bermuda Cruise with a 4 day stay at NYC

   Four Seasons

• 1994 Munich, Germany; Vienna Austria

• 1995 A Greek Island Cruise with a side trip to Madrid Spain

• 1996 Paris France and Milan Italy

• 1997 Costa Del Sol, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal

• 1998 Maui and Kauai Hawaii

• 1999 Switzerland and Venice


As a National Sales Director:

• 2000 Cruised the Mediterranean aboard the Wind Surf

  beginning in Rome and ending in Venice

• 2001 Radisson Diamond privately chartered Cruise set sail

  out of Athens, Greece for another Greek Isle cruise

• 2003 Rome

• 2004 Switzerland

• 2005 NYC Four Seasons and Bermuda

• 2006 Paris France followed by a Chartered Baltic Cruise to

  Copenhagen, Denmark, Visby Sweden, Stockholm Sweden,

  Estonia and St. Petersburg Russia

• 2007 Prague at Four Seasons

• 2008 Sydney, Australia

• 2009 Milan Italy

• 2010 Alaskan Cruise

• 2011 Maui at FOUR Seasons

• 2012 Greece

• 2013 CHINA for our 50th ANNIVERSARY!