Pam is a middle child to Bill and Suzanne Waldrop and originally from Park City (rural KY)—both retired educators.  Her older sister Melanie has 2 sons, Benjamin and Daniel;  her  younger brother Kevin and his wife Sherry have one son together, Cade.  Growing up, Pamela was at school with a parent all but one year of grades 1-12.  Her Dad was her elementary school Principal, and her Mother was her High School home economic teacher.   Upon graduation, Pamela pursued higher education the University of KY where she was a KAPPA ALPHA THETA, involved in FCA and CCCC, majored in English, certified for 7-12 education and minored in Dance.  She put both to use when she left KY upon college graduation to move to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to teach in the Broward Schools System at J.P. Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Fl.


Pamela taught at JPT for five wonderful years, and in her 5th year, opened the doors to her Mary Kay business, made full time July 1, 1987.  In December 1988 she met her late husband, Jerry Shaw and they married in November 1991.  Jerry’s marketing degree was a fit with the fast growing pace Pamela set for her MK business and so they partnered to work the business together.  Before it was common, Jerry had her business and finances computerized, her web site built, and they were doing the technology aspects way ahead of the curve!  In 1994, while in Dallas at Seminar, their only son Thomas was born--- a TX birth certificate!  On Thanksgiving weekend of 1994, they moved from FL back to Pam’s home state of KY to be surrounded with family as young parents.  The values Pam holds have always been a fit with the Mary Kay philosophy of God first, Family second and Career third.


Gratefully when Jerry was diagnosed with ALS in 2005, this family support was also solidly in place.  At age 40, Jerry lost his battle to this horrid disease in December 2006.  Pamela has been widow and single parent to now 18-year-old Thomas who will graduate High School May 2013.


Pamela and Thomas have created ‘new normals’ over the past years and share a very  special relationship and bond.  Thomas’s journey within the Mary Kay family has equipped him with unique, broad experiences.  He attends Seminar with Pam EVERY year to support with her responsibilities, including emcee of the SHAW AREA Awards Banquet.  “I believe Thomas has been given a gift through exposure in the Mary Kay world.  He absolutely had a unique concept of ‘woman of excellence’ as he has seen the amazing women of our AREA and our Company, listened to their speeches, met their families and been party to their vision, big dreams, and successes all of his life!”


One of the blessings of this business is the opportunity to take time and to have resources for travel.  “After Jerry died, I realized that I wanted my parents to experience some places MK style—the way I had on top trips.”  Two of the places Pam and Thomas took them were NYC at Christmas and on another trip, flew first class Paris, France to stay at Four Seasons Georges V over a Spring Break.  “We did it up right on both of those trips with theatre and shopping and sight seeing!  I’m grateful to be in a position where time nor money are deal-breakers for how we experience life.”


Whether time away from work is about decorating her home, tending her flowers and small garden, working out, hosting Thomas and friends, his school events, family gatherings, cookouts, meals or travel, Pam is keenly aware that you neither wish time away or take days for granted.  “I’ve made a practice out of being present to the moment and truly appreciating and enjoying the people in front of me and seizing the season I’m in.”