Egg whites



Peanut Butter, Smuckers Old Fashioned

Naturally More PB with flax seeds

PB2 from

Almonds and Peanuts

Asparagus, Broccoli, Carrots, zuccini

Sweet potato fries home made

Kale Chips home made


All Lettuces and greens

Berries—Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries



Apples (with peanut butter!)

Kroger Fat Free Cottage Cheese

Oikos Greek Yogurt Plain Fat free

Almond Milk unsweetened vanilla



Chia seeds, ground flax, walnuts—on anything!

Flat Bread-/FLATOUT light

Ezekiel Bread/Eng Muffins

La Tortilla Factory high fiber wraps

Vanilla/almond QUEST Protein Bar (20g)

Endangered Species dark chocolate

QUEST protein bars

J.Robb Whey

Lots of delicious combos www.itsmynow.con






Pancakes! Pecan Pancakes or Buckwheat

Peanut/Oatmeal Cookies

Cookie Dough!

Chocolate Meringue pie (My Mother’s)


Reeces cups minis

Brownies- Duncan Hines with my home made add ins

Pretzel MnM’s’


Hotdog all dressed up!



Books that have made a difference


Developing the Leader within You – Dr. John Maxwell

Failing Forward to Success- Dr. Maxwell

Fresh Wind Fresh Fire- Jim Cymbala

The Proving Ground- Kevin Gerald

To Kill a Mockingbird- Harper Lee

Mary Kay on People Management- Mary Kay Ash

7 Habits of Highly Effective People-Covey

The North Face of God- Gire

A Sacred Sorrow- Michael Card

Ultra Metabolism- Mark Hymen

Beyond Pritikin- Ann Gittleman

Eat Right For your Type- D’Adamo

Eat Clean – Tosca Reno

What the Bible says about Healthy Living REX Russell MD

Anything by Jordan Rubin

Five Languages of Love- Chapman

Life Strategies- McGraw

Natural Childbirth the Bradley way

TeenProofing- Rosemond

Greatest Man who Ever Lived- Steven K Scott

Getting to the Other Side of Grief and Traveling Through Grief- Zonnebelt-Smeenge/DrVries

Left Behind Series




My DESIGN BOOK! A 90-day-Planner for DESIGNING YOUR LIFE & Living your VISION!

iEatFit – Food Tracker/Calorie Counter


Everything robert jones

My Polar heart rate/calorie count monitor

APPLE-MacBook Pro/ipad/iphone5/Instagram-@pamelashaw/ Twitter @pamelawshaw @Epic_Leader

WTS—Wholseale Tape and Supply who duplicates all my education

APPS- Voxer, Weather bug, all MK apps!, Mirror Free,Flashlight, Calvary FTL, EPSN,FLightboard, Tripit, FlightTrackPro, Pic stitch, Photo Collage, DropBox, DocsToGo/Bible/Kindle






BeachBody workouts-

P90X and P90X2

Chalean Xtreme


HIIT and TABETA cardio

Winter Treadmill

On my bicycle! Walking Kenan in my neighborhood ;-)




I wake up quickly and easily to pray, worship, and exercise.


I honor God with my body as I eat clean and healthily and drink only water.


Today is a sugar free day!


I am a respectful, fun, loving, encouraging, spontaneous wife and mother.


I honor God with my finances and trust Him fully for provision.  We are good stewards of our time, money, talents and other resources.


I raise the level of leadership of each director by investing in her life and her business daily/ weekly through prayer and communication.






Mammoth Cave National Park, the Rotunda

Paris, France- top of the Eifel Tower

The pink room I grew up in on Dogwood Hill

Kauai, Hawaii- The Princeville Resort

Maui- The Four Seasons

Karaokis Park in BG with my windows down when the seasons change—just sitting

Sanibel Island Resort and Spa

BREAKERS- West Palm Beach

Four Seasons NYC

Ephesus where the apostle Paul preached

Mother Crick’s (late maternal grandmother) upstairs bedroom feather bed while its raining on the tin roof

My closet

The Beach

Our pool at sunset

Favorite Experiences-Memories • The Move from KY to FL on my own to teach- the drive with $500 to my name • Scuba diving in FL with Candy and Libby • Meeting Jerry at the triathlon- Love at First Sight! • Our wedding—walking the aisle while my Dad and Jerry both cried (so sweet) • Sightseeing in London with Mary Kay, both of us in jeans • Standing on seminar stage and greeting each unit member at EVERY Million $ march! • My first Million $ Slumber party (and every one) • Lunch with Mary Kay in San Antonio a month before she lost her speech • Picking up my first Pink Cadillac • Sitting on Mary Kay’s throne as Queen • Speaking from the Seminar Stage • Lying in the Fairmont hotel on day 0 of Seminar 1994 and realizing my water had broken; trying to get out of the hotel ‘incognito’--- delivering Thomas and 12 hours later being presented the National GO-GIVE award from my hospital bed with him in my arms. • Natural Childbirth • Having Mary Kay watch me get my first Top 3 makeover back stage and pat my nervous hands, then greet me in the pit as I cane off stage to thank me for being one of her ‘win’ people. • Jerry’s words on stage when we debuted our NATIONAL AREA • Picking up my XLR • Every Christmas at my parents •Easter at the Cathedral de Notre-Dame du Paris- Dad absorbing the pipe organ • ON stage with Julia at HER NSD debut •ON Stage with Kim at HER NSD debut And a MILLION other happy memories from the past--- anticipating a MILLION more in the future! I hope you’ll be a part of them!