New Consultants
Congratulations on your decision to become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant! Not only have you joined a Company who has been Fortune 500 recognized, Best Selling BRAND of Facial Skin Care and Color Cosmetics for nearly a decade, but you are now a member of an Internationally recognized Multi-Million $ Unit, the Powerful Performers! I truly believe the reason for our success and our future successes can be traced to one common factor: Quality People Like Yourself! Welcome to our Record-Breaking, 20-Time Million $ Unit! I love this business because the earning potential is unlimited, learning is never-ending, and there are always opportunities to grow! As a new consultant, I strongly urge you to Commit to a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS DEBUT! This you can plan and prepare to host while you’re waiting to receive your Starter Kit, and it is the BEST way to let your family and friends know about your new business. The STEPS here will guide you to the simplicity of growing a successful business, and my 26-years experience confirm that taking the business ONE logical step at a time accumulates into unimagined results! And although you'll receive constant and continual education in your Mary Kay career, ACTIVITY will provide your greatest sense of learning! Mary Kay herself says, "You can do everything right with the wrong attitude and fail to succeed, but you can do everything wrong with the RIGHT ATTITUDE and SUCCEED beyond your DREAMS!! These first few weeks in your Mary Kay career will really set the pace for your future. In addition to GETTING STARTED, you will find Checklists, Challenges, and Rewards outlined on this NEW CONSULTANT page of our site! OPEN each link! DO what it asks you to do. You’ll find that I will be as involved in your business as you are. I call it playing ball. As your Business Coach, I toss out the ball (challenges, next step direction). You then have the ball. When you DO those steps, you in essence toss the ball back to me, and then we continue and advance our working relationship. If you keep the ball (choose not to take action) I can’t play! I’ll always MATCH my time, interest, and effort with yours to grow your business! I sincerely want YOU to get more than you imagined from your MK business! I am so excited for you! I care about your future with our fantastic company, and I am committed to ensuring your success. This SITE is designed to start your Incredible journey off on the right foot! Personally, begin to wear MK product head-to-toe, listen to the NEXT STEP cd or hotline, review Checklist #1, and set out to accomplish it! I can’t wait to be in 'live' communication with you! Be patient with yourself and just take it one step at a time! Business Debut, First Team Member and Power Start! Want to know more? Start clicking on the links! We'll move at your pace!
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